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I've been in the Real Estate industry for the past several years as a Real Estate investor who not only seeks to make a profit, but to improve our community and bring value to the neighborhood.

As a Real Estate Broker, these are some of the values that I bring to the table when working with Buyers / Sellers:


I create a positive work environment by promoting open communication, not only with my clients but with all parties involved.


I guess we all try to get the best out of every financial execution. Selling a house is not exception. On a case by case scenario, I specialize on advising on the higher ROI options and its feasibility.


I defend my clients' interest because I believe it's not only about finding a broker to buy/sell a house, but searching for someone who will commit to protect and advocate on your behalf.

When I'm not actively exploring the market, I like to go to the local coffee shop or try a new dish on the small 'mom and pop's eateries'.

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